2003 Corvette Convertible

Color: Millennium Yellow

Purchased June 21, 2015

Miles of Smiles

We have lots of good times with “Minion” – everything from Corvette shows, parades, or just a Sunday drive with the top down. Minion is a blast to drive and kids of all ages love it.

Modifications / Upgrades / Repairs

We’ve made a few modifications, upgrades and repairs since we’ve owned Minion. Here’s a list of our mods.




  • Cup Holders
    Maybe the most useful and inexpensive (best bang for the buck) was the addition of dual cup holders.  Yes! Cup holders. The original equipment cup holder is pretty much worthless for anything more than throwing some lose change in.
  • Audio
    Our Corvette was equipped with a factory 12 disc CD changer mounted in the trunk. We removed the CD changer and installed an adapter to allow us to connect our iPhone. This brings the audio system into the 21st Century.


  • Brakes
    Over the Winter of 2016 we removed all four brake calipers and painted them to match the body color (Millineum Yellow). We cleaned the calipers and used a special paint designed for the high heat the calipers experience during driving.
  • Exhaust
    We did a lot of research on exhausts before choosing Billy Boat Bullets. We love the sound (nice deep rumble). Minion now sounds how we think an American muscle car should. The quality and fit are first rte and they look great on the car.

Completed Repairs


  • Plastic Molding
    Over the years, the temperature variations and age take a toll on some of the various plastic pieces. We have replaced several of these with new aftermarket pieces.
  • Climate Control Display
    A common problem with the C5 Corvettes is the HVAC display. The lighting on the display will begin to dim and eventually you can barely read the display. The culprit is loose solder joints on the circuit board inside the display. Re-soldering the circuit board solves the problem and our display is nice and bright again.


  • ABS
    Similar to the Climate Control issue discussed above, the ABS system is prone to failure on the C5 Corvettes. When this failure happens you get warnings on the dash for traction control, and ABS. Once again, the cause of the failure with the ABS module is usually faulty solder joints on the circuit board. We removed the ABS control unit and sent it to ABS Fixers for repair. They do a great job and we had the repaired module back and reinstalled in 3 days. Result: just like new!

Upcoming Repairs


  • Shift Indicator
    The small plastic piece that is intended to show what gear is selected is prone to failure. We will replace this piece and the indicator lens.
  • Shift Cable Bushings
    While we have the shift assembly disassembled we’ll install new plastic bushings in the transmission shift cable.


  • Brakes
  • Harmonic Balancer